1. Admissions conditions and fees :

Underlying principles

The European Schools were created to provide children whose parents work for European Union institutions with an education in their mother tongue. They are not intended to be bilingual schools. Families who do not belong to European institutions can still apply to the school. Applications will be processed according to the family’s category and the number of available spots.

Children who are admitted to the school in the middle of their studies are placed in the year group that corresponds to the same level of studies in the country from which they come (please see the equivalence chart) In general, they are enrolled in the language section of their dominant language. If necessary, they will take an assessment test in order to determine their level and/or dominant language.

  • Example: to join the English section, the pupil must demonstrate a good command of the English language, both written and spoken.

Depending on their situation, children will be put into category A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 or C3. Admissions rules change depending on the category. Underneath is a summary of the different cases. In terms of admission, children in category A are given priority, then children in categories B then C in numerical order.

Category A1

  • Children of staff of the European Communities under agreement with the school:
    EBA, ESMA, EUSPA, EUISS and European Commission
    Cf. article 1 of the Convention defining the Statute of the European Schools
    (category 1 pupils in type 1 European Schools)

Category A2

  • Children of staff of European institutions and European communities who do not have an agreement with the school ( CEB, ASE)
  • Children of staff of international institutions and organisations (UN, OECD, CIEC, OIF, OIE, OEPP, OIV, BIPM, OIML, BIE)
  • Children of the staff of the European School of Paris-La Défense

Category B1

  • Children of staff of diplomatic and consular representations

Category B2

  • Children from siblings with one child currently enrolled in the school
Category C1
  • Children of families settling in the region, one of whose legal guardians is  in an expatriation in France within a local company

Category C2

  • Children whose one of the native languages is a European language other than French, or whose shared language is a European language other than French.
Category C3
  • Children for whom the family wishes an education in the spirit of the European Schools.

Note: For enrolment in S6 et S7, only pupils already enrolled in the European School will be able to apply.

Students who attended the school during 2023/2024 school year are automatically enrolled for the coming year (no re-enrolment is necessary). Children currently in the last year of the nursery cycle or the primary cycle who meet the age requirements will automatically be placed on the admission lists for P1 or S1 respectively.

School fees

Applying to and attending the school are free of charge. However, certain books and school supplies must be purchased by families.

2. Admissions procedure and required documents


Before applying to the European School of Paris-La Défense, please read carefully through all of the admissions conditions. We would like to draw your attention to the basic proficiency levels at the different cycles for: language 2 (L2) and language 3 (L3).

Matières S1 S3 S5 S7
L2 A2 B1 B2 C1
L3 A1+ A2+ B1+

* The European Framework of Reference for Languages (CECRL) is a classification that enables students to assess their level of proficiency in a foreign language. Reference document for the basic level of competence for European schools: https://www.eursc.eu/Documents/2013-08-D-11-en-1.pdf

Enrolment application


Required documents

When filling in your application form online, you must also attach the following documents:

  • Parents in categories A1, A2, B1 and C1 must provide a certificate of employment (indicating Employee ID)
  • Parents in categories C1, C2 and C3 must provide a cover letter detailing why they are applying to the school.

For all categories:

  • A birth certificate or the child’s page in the livret de famille.
  • The school reports from the previous year and of the current year.
  • For children not living with their parents, legal guardianship papers.
  • The vaccine page of the child’s medical passport (mandatory diphtheria-tetanus-polio vaccine).

3. Key enrolment dates

 Admissions period: 26 February 2024 – 24 March 2024

Results of the enrolment for category A1 families: 29 April 2024 by email

Results of the enrolment for families in other categories: between 21 and 24 May 2024 by email

Only category A1 families who will be taking up their post in Paris from 1 March 2024 or after will be allowed to submit their application after the end of the admissions period.

*The admissions office will be closed from 13 July to 28 August 2024.

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