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Summer 2020

Dear families,
During the summer of 2020, students of L1 English at the EEPLD are not required to complete any
assignments or compulsory reading.
However, this time of year is an excellent opportunity to get away from the screen and do some wider
reading. If pupils wish to read more, but are not sure what to choose, here is a list of novels that they
may enjoy.

This list is non-exhaustive and serves simply as a starting-point for your search. Many of the novels
listed below fall into the category of children’s literature or young-adult fiction (YA), but some are
more suitable for mature readers. Parents are therefore strongly advised to check the suitability of the
novel before purchasing it. Websites such as or are particularly
useful to this purpose.

Ideas for summer reading

Have a wonderful and safe summer and see you in September.

Happy reading!

Kathryn Doyle English Teacher